What You CAN’T Change . . . and What You CAN

We all know that a person’s physical attributes affect the consideration that they receive from others.  Psychological research has long demonstrated that people tend to draw certain conclusions about a person based upon physical attributes.  The traits about which we draw those conclusions include honesty, intelligence, and compassion—each of which is a trait essential to… Continue reading What You CAN’T Change . . . and What You CAN


For a team leader, it is absolutely essential to see the big picture—to have a vision for the team and to identify the projects through which the team moves toward achieving that vision.  However, many a leader makes the mistake of assuming that this big-picture view means that he or she should not bother oneself… Continue reading Bedeviled

Here Today, but Gone Tomorrow?

What happens when a leader steps into an executive/administrative/managerial position that has been characterized by a high turnover rate? Those serving under him or her assume that the new leader will only be there for a short time before moving on to a higher-pay, higher-status position.  That perception makes it very difficult for the leader… Continue reading Here Today, but Gone Tomorrow?

Tell Me Yes

A military man told me about an interaction that changed his career.  An enlisted man, he was given authority over other enlisted personnel. One day, he and a man under his authority were called to a superior’s office.  The officer spoke his thoughts regarding the recent behavior of the low-man, stated the actions that he… Continue reading Tell Me Yes

Command-and-Control . . . and Compassion?

Military organizations are known for using a command-and-control approach to leadership:  Orders are communicated dryly and are carried out without a question being asked in reply—and certainly without a discussion being held. In one of my consultations, a soldier was discussing with me the difficulties he faces with his commanding officer.  As I expected, the… Continue reading Command-and-Control . . . and Compassion?